Hudsons Farm Fishery

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None of the following are allowed

  • Opened luncheon meat or sweetcorn tins as they are very dangerous ,place the empty tin in the bin. 
  • maximum hook size 6 , on the specimen lake use whisker barb or barbless
  • on the two match lake barbless only
  • Keepnets
  • high oil trout pellets (therefore use course / carp pellets only) 
  • Pets i.e. no dogs
  • Radios
  • Fires
  • Nut baits 
  • Any type of weapon
  • Alcohol
  • All litter MUST be taken home or placed in the designated bins. If you leave litter, you will be banned
  • no tents / wind breaks    proper green carp bivvies only.

Fishing is from numbered pegs only , stalking between pegs is not allowed.

Every angler needs there own landing net. 

A landing net must be used for all fish above 4" / 100 mm long and all fish must be returned to the water as quickly as possible after being caught.

"sensible rigs" must be used and in the event of line breakage the lead must be able to free itself from the rest of the terminal tackle easily. Therefore no beads - knots swivels above the lead.If in doubt .. ask the bailiff.

NO tie on  shock leaders or lead core of any kind to be used, this includes 'Korda safe zone leaders' they are banned .

Anglers carp fishing the specimen lake must have adequate sized landing nets / unhooking mats + bonjela / klinik to treat hook holds .

All anglers must disinfect their equipment before fishing, use the net dips in the carpark.

Swimming and tree climbing are strictly forbidden.

A max of 3 rods at any time.

No unattended rods to be left cast in or with baited hooks this includes marker floats.

Anglers must hold the relevant EA licenses.

All anglers fishing on Hudsons Farm do so at their own risk.

The fishery gates are unlocked at 8 am summer ,   until 7.30pm, or dusk , last admittance 7.30 pm . No visitors after 7 pm.

All anglers must abide by the fishery rules: if any of the rules are breached you will be banned.

owner retains the right to refuse access . 


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Hudsons farm fishery Rawcliffe road st michaels on wyre nr preston PR3 0UH  tel:01995 679654